Kerala Flood Relief

How you can help ?

1. Sponsor a family’s Monthly Expenses.
Check Requests
2. Share your time and ears to our distressed ladies.
No Experience Necessary. Training will be provided.
3. Sponsor Shed for Family.
4. Be part of our Re-living Project.
5. Need Rs.5 Lakhs of rolling fund for the Agriculture Production.
6. Donate for our Spotlight Project.

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Call : 408-893-8252

    Project Updates and Activities

Date Update


Spotlight Project for November 2018

Building a house for a distressed family of dad(Asthma Patient),mom( Heart Patient) ,Son(sick), daughter in 10th grade. They lives in this one room house, which is about to collapse. Rs.5 Lakhs is the estimated cost and Punyam has fund of Rs.50000.
Sponsors needed for this dream project.


Stage 3 -Rebuilding -November -2018 -Punyam Nest

We started making nests for people who lost their homes. These are reusable sheds which costs only 1lakh. When they receive funds from Government for a new home, these will be reused . The cost effective sheds are designed by experts and help us to reach more beneficiaries


Plans for November:

New Project : Punya Prathibha – Connecting youth from low income areas to teachers/youth in foreign countries through online videos and live interactions.
Stage 1- Relief , Stage -2 Rehabilitation.
Identified 55 families with no income .Punyam will do weekly calls and periodic visits to this families. We will be supporting them with food/clothes/education/basic medicine.
We are also helping them psychologicaly by listening to their worries and comforting them.We are also in the process of developing small scale industries for them
Stage 3- Rebuilding houses(Sheds), details are given in the Stage 3-Rebuilidng -October
We have an approved budget of 000 for constructing 10 sheds and work will be starting in November.
Stage 4- Re-Living
We are starting our agriculture cultivation in our Kunnkara and Puthenvelikkara Grama Panjayath 30 acres .This will generate jobs for many families in this Panjayath. We are developing a vegetable market to sell our produces . Long time livelihood is our mission.
We will be extending this project to Thrissur and Alleppey in November.


Stage 2- Rehabilitation- October 2018

Areas: North Paravoor, Thrissur,Alleppey
Activities: 65 Families . We are able to full fill some immediate needs like , kitchen utensils ,stove,motor,fan,bedsheets,medicines, clothes, mixie, bicycle, cupboard etc.. for these families.


Stage 4 -Re-Living-October

Area: Kunnukara and Puthenvelikkara Panjayath
Funds($): 1500
Activities: Punyam is acting as a gap filler in this project. Our funds are mainly used for Survey, seeds,fertilisers,chemicals, transportation and labour . We generated long term job and hope for 25 families in Kunukara.
Surveys and training in Kunnukara and Puthenvelikkara completed.
20000 Grow bags are filled with Tomatoes,Bringals,Chillies.
Ploughing at the paddy fields of Kunnakara done.
Before and after pictures of our farms and our activities are attached.


Stage-3 – Rebuilding- October 2018

Area: Alleppey and Thrissur
Activities :Constructed one shed in Alleppey.
Approved construction of 10 sheds for identified flood victims from Thrissur and Alleppey(Kuttanadu)
Features of temporary housing are,
a. A bare minimum steel and composite structure which will be flood and storm proof for at least three years.
b. This can be added to a new house in future, either on side or top of the new house.
c. This can be erected quickly, say within a week of approval.
d. Can be fabricated at a convenient place, transported to the site and assembled in site, using nuts and bolts.
e. Can be used as a space for a commercial activity in future or can be sold by the beneficiary.
The proposed construction is having the following features
a. Length 16 feet and width 8 feet. These dimensions are selected since most of the composite materials like cement particle board etc. are available in 8 feet by 4 feet sizes. Depending on fund availability, the size can be increased in multiples of 8 or 4 feet.


Stage 1- Relief -October -2018

Areas: Alleppey, N.Parvoor
Funds($)- 1500
Activities: Distributed 50 grocery kits for no-income families.


Stage-4 – Re-Living – September-2018

Pilot project started in Kunnukara. We are planning to expand this to 4 other Panjayths.
Areas : Kunnukara Grama-Panjayath
Funds($) 1500
1 .Psychological support through survey by experts in the field
2. Trained women in driving tractors and coconut plucking.
3. Conducted over night camps to bring back hope and happiness in depressed ladies.
4. Identified areas to start agriculture/vegetables to generate income and produce for the affected families.


Stage 3 -Rebuilding -September -2018

Areas: N.Paravoor,Alleppey
Funds($)- 1000
Activities: Repaired two houses.


Stage 2- Rehabilitation- September 2018

Areas: Pathanamthitta,Alappuzha, Aluva,
Funds($): 10000
Activities: Distributed Educational/School Kit,Bed/Matress Kit,Kitchen Utensils Kit


Stage 1- Relief – September 2018

Areas: Aluva,Alleppey,Pathanmthitta,North Paravoor
Activities:Punyam distributed food kits for 100 families.


Women Tailoring Project:

Area: Palakkadu
Funds($): 500
Activities: Created job for 25 women tailors and distributed Punyam brand nighties and underskirts in flood affected areas.


Stage 1- Relief -August 2018

Areas – Alappuzha camps for people from kuttanadu and Chenghannor, Aluva, Pathanamthitta, Wayanadu,Chambakkulam,Punnamada,Chenghamanadu
Funds ($) : 20000