Past Projects

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Tharavadu : A home for homeless people – Punyam’s dream project! Place for the homeless in the heart of Alleppey , Kerala. It’s not an old age home or an orphanage. A place where youth or adults can get off the streets and find a temporary safe haven.

Important Announcement : As of 30th June 2018 , Punyam stopped contributing to this Project and Punyam is no more affiliated to Tharavadu Project and no longer taking any donations for Tharavadu. 

Punyam team is proud and humbled to share this story with all of you who have helped create a positive impact in empowering lives. Sajitha Varghese was struggling to make ends meet and was today handed the reins of running the Punya store by a young I.A.S officer T.V. Anupama, District Collector of Alappuzha. Funds collected by promoting and selling K.S.Chitra show tickets in Bay Area.
Punya Jwala – Awareness Program . College Counseling Workshop – 01/27/2018
Punya Bhojan : Punyam discontinued this Project and no more collecting money for this cause.
Punya Veedu : Adopting a family. This is an ongoing project
Punya Karma : Fundraiser event for Solace to support cancer kids patients. (11/05/2017).
Punya Karma : Nepal Earthquake relief! 46 Boxes of Clothes,11 boxes of medicine.(05/02/2015)
Punya Karma : For Chennai Flood relief : Blankets/Sarees/Salwars for Chennai (12/10/2015)
Punya Vidya : May/June – 2017